All-In-One Drum Rack + Sample Pack

All-In-One Drum Rack + Sample Pack

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Ideas are like butterflies. They appear, and the next minute they’re gone. Your workflow should support and encourage you to follow your inspiration not distract you from it. This Drum Rack works with your flow. It should only feature your favorite sounds, so when inspiration strikes you don’t have to worry about finding them. To get you started, I put together a selection of one-shots. I went out with a mobile recorder, captured sounds, built Drum Racks, and used tools by UAD, Brainworx, Sonic Academy, Fabfilter, and iZotope to tune, layer, mix and master them. The result is 31 high quality, original sounds — available to download along with the device.

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To install just double click “AMB All In One Drum Rack.alp”. It then will ask you to specify a location to unpack all the files to.

What’s in the pack:

AMB All In One Drum Rack.als
>> The project file containing the device. Just double click it and start tapping away.

AMB All-In-One Drum Rack.adg
>> The Drum Rack device with all the samples loaded. Drag it onto a track in your project.

AMB All In One Drum Rack Demo.als
>> A demo project for inspiration.

AMB All In One Drum Rack Demo.wav
>> The demo project bounced to audio.