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AMB – 2012 Winter Mix [FREE Download]

My latest mixtape has got most of the glitch hop bangers I released this year, FREE download for y’all so you can chuck it on your iPods if you like.

Just passed 5K likes on my Facebook page and I wanted to thank you all for supporting me and being part of my musical journey, also big shouts to Adapted Records, Simplify Recordings, Empathy Recordings, and the Glitch Hop Community for putting in a massive effort and making a change in the scene.

Thanks for the love.


01 – AMB – Stinger [Simplify Recordings]
02 – AMB – Bangers & Mash [Empathy Recordings]
03 – AMB – Backbone Giggle [Simplify Recordings]
04 – AMB – Damn Hot [Adapted Records]
05 – Mr. Bill – Cerebellum Serenade (AMB remix) [Adapted Records]
06 – AMB – Duck Club [Free D/L]
07 – Crazy Daylight – Shake It Up (AMB remix) [Simplify Recordings]
08 – Goosebumpz – Texas Teeth (AMB remix) [Adapted Records]
09 – AMB – Starsky & Glitch [Adapted Records]

FREE download

AMB – Glitch On (DJ set)

I’ve put together some of my favourite bangers at the moment, check it out, have fun, leave a comment!

Exclusive mix for

Taken from the show ‘Noise In The Signal’ on aired 23 November 2011.
It does not include the interview we did on the show though, where we tackled heavy weight issues such as have I got fat recently, producing, gigs, software vs hardware, music education and more.

Body Raft mix

You know everyone has a special talent. Mine is being able to write, produce, direct, act, paint. Other people are good plumbers, that’s their gift. Been playing a lot on festivals lately, did a few sunrise sets, too, so I put together a deep house studio mix of my current favourite tunes. Pour yourself a glass of palinka, and enjoy!

Sprinkle mix

Just finished this house DJ mix with goodies from Isolee, Pezzner, Claude Von Stroke, even two Biscuit Reality remixes Рboth yet to be released. Really been digging those Biscuit nutters lately, completely mental, and not in a good way.

Have fun.

Truesounds mix